A Lightweight Method to Generate Unanswerable Questions in English
V. Gautam, M. Zhang, and D. Klakow.
Findings of EMNLP, 2023.

Factoring the Matrix of Domination: A Critical Review and Reimagination of Intersectionality in AI Fairness
A. Ovalle, A. Subramonian, V. Gautam, G. Gee, and K-W Chang.
AIES, 2023.

Avengers, Ensemble! Benefits of ensembling in grapheme-to-phoneme prediction
V. Gautam, W. Y. Li, Z. Mahmood, F. Mailhot, S. Nadig, R. Wang, and N. Zhang.

The Gender Gap Tracker: Using Natural Language Processing to measure gender bias in media
F. T. Asr, M. Mazraeh, A. Lopes, V. Gautam, J. Gonzales, P. Rao, and M. Taboada.
PLoS ONE, 2021.


Robust Pronoun Use Fidelity with English LLMs: Are they Reasoning, Repeating, or Just Biased?
V. Gautam, E. Bingert, D. Zhu, A. Lauscher, D. Klakow. 2024.

What explains the success of cross-modal fine-tuning with ORCA?
P. GarcĂ­a-de-Herreros*, V. Gautam*, P. Slusallek, D. Klakow, M.Mosbach. 2024.
(* Equal contribution)

The Impact of Demonstrations on Multilingual In-Context Learning: A Multidimensional Analysis
M. Zhang, V. Gautam, M. Wang, J. O. Alabi, X. Shen, D. Klakow, M. Mosbach. 2024.

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